Semen Catalogue


Johnos 120116 (note sire 159 below)

This ram is one of the largesrt rams we have bred. His growth rate leads the border leicesters. This photo was taken while at Melbourne show 2015. He scanned 165kg 48 em and 8 ft straight off the truck, no time to settle and rehydrate. I know probably getting to big but if you want high growth sheep it comes with the territory. For a ram of this scale you will note his stucture held very well. A very strong BL head. Although placed behind rams 40kg his junior a very hard ram to fault.


Johnos Aroura 83/11 T
Gip Program Ram 2013 

This ram is one of the highest performing Border Leicester rams with sons also performing. He is a great sire to benchmark your flock and a rare find with such performance. He is offered for the betterment of the industry and for use outside our flock.



Johnos Yakka 159/10

Best head Adelaide 2011

Bred most of the earlier catalogued rams in 2013 sale, very stylish growthy rams.

Retained a son 120116 very similar in appearance with extra growth again.










Bindaree 225/09


Very good carcass for a big framed ram