Semen Sires

Ramsay Park 75/12

Reserve Supreme Ram Adelaide 2013

purchased from Peter and Julie Button, arguabley the best Hampshire Bred at Ramsay Park

JOHNOS 945/09 Pedigree/performance

By Johnos 681/07 (Reserve Adelaide 2008)

Dam 725/07 (Won a string of major awards at many shows) by Johnos Pomona 836/04

2nd Dam 622/05 By Johnos 653/03

This is a very powerful ram showing excellent Hampshire Downs Characteristics.

His exceptional scan data at Adelaide 2010 was 136kg 54emd 8 fat. From such a small genetic pool, has the figures other breeds have been selecting for for the last 15 to 20 years. This ram will produce lambs to suit all markets from trade to heavy export, a true all round breeding terminal sire.


We also have semen available from Johnos 759/05. He was selected and used in the CRC trial.

By Johnos 616/03

Dam Weston Hythe 108/01 by Weston Hythe 48/99